Monday, June 26, 2023

The next in our lineup - - -

 Hearkening back to another place in time, you'll find the wondrous wee creepies created by the talented imagination of Stacey Walsh of 'The Goode Wife of Washington County.'

Stacey handcrafts a stunning world full of gently spooky beings, from ghostie girls in diaphonous tealight-lit dresses to farm animals that take a regal stance in beautiful gowns of rare textiles. We love her work and can never stop looking at it, as it takes us on a journey to a misty land somewhere far away...

The Goode Wife of Washington County will be featured in the Fall 2023 issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE magazine, available September 2023 at the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show. We'd love to meet you there! (You can also order your very own copy by clicking the Etsy link on the left of the screen here.)

And you can meet Stacey in person at this year's Bewitching Peddlers show in Marshall, Michigan on September 30, 2023. Stop in to admire her world of imagination to say hello!








Monday, June 19, 2023

We honor with respect and love -

It came as a shock to us all, learning that our favorite artist and friend Dustin Poche' had passed away from cancer back in February this year. We'd only just a week prior been in touch with him about his being our esteemed Spotlight Featured artist for the Fall 2023 issue. We all are terribly broken-hearted at this loss, but if there is to be any joy, it is the joy of knowing that his wonderful, generous and fun-loving spirit lives on via his fantastic artistry... that alone gives us cause to be happy as we celebrate the talented human that he was.

Our loving tribute to Dustin's work can be seen in September 2023 when this colorful issue is available online (click the link on the left to order yours) and in person, at the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show in Marshall, Michigan.



Monday, June 12, 2023

In our next issue -

   We're over the moon to feature acclaimed author/illustrator, Barbara Cantini, in our Fall 2023 issue of the magazine!

  Barbara's world consists of all things spooky and filled with Halloween. In her native Tuscany (Italy) she lives and loves the holiday as much as we do here in the states. Her extensive line of books reflect a world of this, especially with her beloved character, Ghoulia: a sweet little zombie girl who sets off for many an adventure. (In Europe, the character is known as Mortina)

  Barbara was interviewed by Kristen Stafford (she does that awesome Halloween Art & Travel Podcast that we all love so much) and told of how the character of Ghoulia came to be, and also how Halloween is celebrated in lovely, rustic Tuscany.

  Read all about Barbara in our upcoming issue, which will be available September 2023 here, and also at the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show in Marshall, Michigan on September 30th!


Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Coming in September ...


Hard to believe that we're publishing our fifth edition of the magazine!

Our journeys have taken us around the world, finding Halloween artists from across the entire US, but also discovering many truly talented artists who reside in regions such as Belgium, Scotland, Canada, even Russia! It's been an absolute pleasure beyond description getting to know all of these artists, learning of their inspirations and techniques, and seeing the continuation of their creations as each year passes.

We'll have much more to reveal about the contents of this upcoming issue... it's full of many captivating things of all hues and styles and textures, all the things that comprise of fall and Halloween. 

You can find our Fall 2023 edition available in September - only a few more months away! - and can order it here (link is on the left) or, if you happen to be at the marvelous Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show on September 30th in Marshall, Michigan, we'd love to have you come visit us at our booth.

Magic fills the air...