Monday, October 16, 2023

Exploring Halloween traditions and legends...

 Do you know why we carve Jack O'lanterns for Halloween?

The legend of Stingy Jack is a fascinating folk tale from old Irish history (the ancient Irish having been the creators of Halloween - or Samhain, as it is more properly known). 

Jack tricked the Devil not once, but twice! - yet, of course, not without consequences...

Learn more about Stingy Jack in the Fall 2022 issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE magazine.

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Sunday, October 8, 2023

Fun at the HORROR HOOTENANNY! - - -

What a blast we all had at last night's spookalicously delightful event!

Our friend, TV's horror host, Dr. Gangrene, has hosted this rocking event for the past 17 years here in Nashville, and it's always a high-energy tsunami of fun and prizes, with live rock music from many bands (including our favorite local band, The Creeping Cruds, as well as Canada's Forbidden Dimension, and The Phantoms of Saturn).

TV horror host, Dr. Gangrene

Due to the pandemic, the Hoot had been on hiatus since 2019, but last night's return was awesome! We were proud to be one of the sponsors, with giveaways to best costumes of the evening.

The Creeping Cruds
Me and Hubby dusted off our creaky old bones and had ourselves a wonderful evening. Our thanks to all the bands and to the good Dr. himself for putting on a spectacular Halloween party!

Friday, October 6, 2023

We have more magazines available! - - -

We're happy to report that we've restocked our supplies of issues.

Fall 2021, Fall 2022, and Fall 2023 are available now

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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

October greetings to all! - - -

 We had a wonderful time up in Michigan at the exciting and magical Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show!

Getting to see old friends and meeting many new ones was the highlight of the event. So much amazing talent, so many incredible pieces of art created by these masters of the season... it was a true feast for the senses in every way.

Several of the new artists showing their works for the first time at BPoH were those I myself have admired and followed for years - decades even. 

I finally got to meet the wonderful Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations, who was our neighbor in the next booth. She is not only talented beyond words, she's a sweetheart as well! Her spun-cotton creations are charming and even more incredible in person. 

Vicki Nelson of Fool Crow is also a delightful gal, and wow, her creations just about knocked us all off our feet! She's been a staple at the fabulous  All Hallows Art Fest in Petaluma, California for many years. How great to finally meet her as well!

 Alycia Matthews (featured in our Fall 2022 issue) was every bit as gracious and adorable as we imagined her to be! Seeing her art up close did what seeing it in photos does: brought on the uncontrollable smiles. Halloween goodness at its absolute best is what she does.

Autumn Brilliance magazine thanks ALL of you phenomenal artists who contributed to not only our Fall 2023 issue, but each previous one as well. We're forever in your debt. Thank you again for letting us share your magnificence with the entire world.  

We will always promote the importance of preserving this very valuable art form in all its many styles. This magazine serves as an archive of Halloween history.

Our booth was a colorful and dazzling extravaganza, and for that, we thank our friends/partners, Vance Nichols and Scott Rowenczak, for their untiring efforts and stellar vision to create such a welcoming and fun space.  Everyone who passed by stopped and gasped at it, posing for photos by Felix, our Halloween kitty, and Bertram, our ticket booth skeleton. Entering inside was like stepping into a Halloween carnival! We had plenty of magazines on hand for everyone: Fall 2021, Fall 2022, and Fall 2023, which as you know, is a loving tribute to the late Dustin Poche.' 

We were very happy and sincerely grateful to meet so many of you who traveled from all around the country for this spectacular event. I'm so honored to have had the chance to meet our fans, shake hands, and receive many loving hugs. Your love and support is something we cherish deeply, and makes us strive harder with each issue to create something that is colorful, entertaining, meaningful, and, we hope, a true archive of the magical wonders of what this community it all about: love and sharing, happiness and fun, all in the spirit of Halloween.

Our biggest thanks go to the show's creator/curator, the remarkable Jennie Hepler-Takens, who does not cut corners when it comes to providing a world-class event that nobody will soon forget. Jennie's tireless work and artistic vision is evident from every tiny detail up to the biggest one. She's a true dynamo, and we consider ourselves immensely fortunate to be associated with this amazing lady and her show. Plus, she's a fantastic artist herself. Please stop by My Dearest Witch - her website - to view her magical, ethereal, utterly breathtaking creations.

There are so many other folks who we want to thank who are an integral part of this show, there's simply not enough room to name them! (Barbara, Jesus, Rick, Kristen, Amy ... just to name a scant few - we don't want to leave anyone out, but you know you are appreciated and loved!)

Whew... we are still recovering from our travels, and have a lot of unpacking to do. Our Etsy store will be restocked with copies of the magazine on Friday, October 6th, so for those who missed out on the first run, or couldn't make it to the show, there will be plenty to be had.

Here's all of our artists gathered for our yearly Class Photo 2023

See you all again next year!!!

***Please keep watch here in the days to come for some exciting news! ... including a big new batch of magazines to be available in our Etsy store this coming  Friday, October 6th!