Friday, November 24, 2023

Always thankful...

    Gratitude brims over as we review the past year, with heartfelt thanks to everyone who showed such unending love and support of Autumn Brilliance

   We cannot express it enough! And it instills in us to do better and better in the coming year. May life bring you all joy and fulfillment with good health and abundant happiness!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Halloween, down in the holler...


     In a very secluded, quiet and tranquil valley hollow (also known in the south as a "holler") we passed the evening with a small group of dear friends around a bonfire. We enjoyed a pot luck dinner, sang songs, told stories, and welcomed in those of our loved ones who have since passed by lighting a candle at the jack o'lantern filled Ofrenda. 

     We watched the moon rise above the mountaintop and marveled at the beautiful, star-filled night sky, happy and thankful for all that we had in our lives and the loving friends gathered there. 

     It was a perfect evening. 

How did you spend your Halloween?