Thursday, July 1, 2021

Well, bless my broomstick! -

Well well well! 

I'm blown away by the enormity of response to our search for the best witchy witchiest art to be included in this year's issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE magazine! 

Photo from 2013 of "Winifred, in her Finery, presents a Pumpkin" 
by Ellen Gee of MacabreWeb Studios
Thank you so much to every artist who submitted pieces of their astonishing artistry - each one is unique, and a veritable masterpiece to boot. Seeing the amazing talent you all have, well, it just blew me off my broomstick! 
Can't wait to share them all with the whole world on September 1, 2021 - there are many HUGE surprises in store, just you watch, my pretties...

In the meantime, stay creative! HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!

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