Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Thank you to all!

The journey ain't over yet, folks!

I have nothing but the good feels from the loving support everyone showed during the production and subsequent launch of our second issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE. It was four-plus months of diligent work at my computer with the design and layout, but it would have been nothing had it not been for the PHENOMENAL ARTISTS who participated.

It is to them that I say, my deepest THANK YOU.

Thank you to:

Dolly Parton

Vance Nichols

Marguerite Surich Noschese

Bob Lizarraga

Ray Villafane

Kevin Buntin

Sam Keck

Carolee Clark

Jacqueline Patrick

Sharon Bloom

Becky Peterson

Kira O'Keefe

Pam Wood

Helen Dorn

Samantha Secor

Meri Wiley

Lisa Haxmeier

Amy Beeler

Denise Cocchiare

Nicole Lubbers

Susie Krichbaum

Debb George

Lisa Ammerman

Donna Antonucci

Kim Sherrod

Jeanne LeGrand

Dustin Bailard

Kristen Stafford

John Davis

The staff of Gardner Village

The Saturday Evening Post

Bob Bergen

The late Billie Hayes

And to EVERYONE who supported this and cheered me on with their love, their encouragement, their friendship.

Especially my beloved husband, Mark


For those who would like to purchase a copy of the latest issue, please click on the following link to take you to the AUTUMN BRILLIANCE Etsy shop!








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