Monday, March 20, 2023

Important announcement! -

Hey everyone!


Like so many of you, I’ve had to suffer the ever-increasing costs of running a small art business from my home. Gone are the days of friendly, low-cost websites such as Etsy which once was a haven for independent artists. As you know, they’ve gone the corporate route, and with that change, an outrageous skyrocketing of costs just to list and sell a single item. For multiple items, it really adds up to the detriment of the artist. It is getting more and more difficult to make any sort of living with your art these days.


I don’t create each issue of Autumn Brilliance to try to make a million dollars (though in my wildest dreams, that sure would be nice!), it is done because for the simple fact that it makes me happy and, I hope, makes you all happy, too. I do it every Halloween season because it salves my soul to be creative, and present it to others who also love and appreciate this type of art.


The point of the matter is, after weighing my options, doing the math, and going over budgetary constraint scenario for this year, I am using Etsy less and less to sell/promote Autumn Brilliance.


 I will use it solely - for the time being - to sell the PRINT version of the magazine.


For the DIGITAL versions, I will list all four issues together (Fall 2021, Fall 2022 and the two FREE copies, our Premiere Fall 2020 issue, and special Scary Xmas 2020 issue), through the link below. It is an easy way to pick and choose the digital magazines you want from a handy bookcase type of layout. Simply pick the magazine, put it in your shopping cart, and check out. No jumping through hoops and no extra hidden costs for anyone.


And, for those who prefer this digital version, it’s neat, has a zero carbon footprint, and can be viewed from any device, anywhere.





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