Friday, July 7, 2023

A fabulous addition to the collection -

Artist Julia Guseva's unique pumpkin witch doll, now part of our personal collection!

As everyone knows, the main gist of this magazine is dedicated to featuring hand-crafted original artistry from around the world. 

 We strive to spotlight this kind of artistry, and try to support independent artists in every way we can.

We're constantly on the search for unique art to present in each issue, and often find creations that we personally must have for our own Halloween art collection. 

(Needless to say, we wish we could collect everything but don't have a big enough home for that!)

The charming little pumpkin witch doll in the photo above is one of those things! When Ukraine artist Julia Guseva was in the process of creating it and posted photos of her work in progress on Facebook, we fell head over heels in love and HAD TO HAVE IT. 

And who wouldn't? Look at it!

Dressed in a bedraggled hand-made costume befitting a true forest witch, a tiny jar of potion at the one hand and her cute wee pumpkin creature pet at her side, it brings to mind a scenario of her puttering about her cottage, busily tending to her cauldron with a league of familiars by her side. But one day, POOF! Her cauldron explodes and showers her with the ingredients, turning her into a pumpkin. Pumpkin witch, that is! She has been named Eulina Gourdina, and takes her place among many other original works of Halloween art in our personal collection, where she will be gazed upon with pure adoration.

Julia Guseva has an Etsy store that is often filled with sweetly spooky creations such as the one here (look out, you'll fall in love with them all!). You can find her at the link below.




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