Wednesday, April 10, 2024

We remember with LOVE ...

Remembering  Dustin Poche'

                                From Autumn Brilliance, Fall 2023 issue

He was a deeply beloved and favorite fine artist of our time.

                                From Autumn Brilliance, Fall 2023 issue

Dustin was a member of the prestigious guild known as NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists) and truly one of the most spectacular creators of Halloween-styled characters we've ever seen, especially witches (Editor's note: I am proud to own "Juniper,"one of his original witches, in my personal collection; photo below).

    "Juniper" witch sculpture by Dustin Poche' / private collection of Ellen Gee

Autumn Brilliance was honored to have had the privilege of showcasing his artistry as our Spotlight Artist in our Fall 2023 issue which, sadly, he never got the chance to see, as he passed away from cancer in February of that year.

        From Autumn Brilliance, Fall 2023 issue - both front and back cover devoted to Dustin's art 

We will always grieve for this loss but the joy we get from viewing his artistry will last forever!

  From Autumn Brilliance, Fall 2023 issue 
 This fabulous issue featuring many of Dustin's magical creations is available 
by clicking the link to the left side.


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