Thursday, June 20, 2024

It's always Halloween in Sleepy Hollow! -

We have a little teaser for you!

In the Fall 2024 issue of AUTUMN BRILLIANCE, we will be featuring coverage of the Tarrytown (Sleepy Hollow) Halloween Parade, with highlights from the 2023 event.

Photo: Ellen Gee/2016

If you've never been to Sleepy Hollow during this time of year... what are you waiting for? 

This fantastic old colonial American town is positively rich in sights and history (the story of the Headless Horseman by author Washington Irving often being the first thing that comes to everybody's mind). And it goes without saying, this beautiful New England town is just stunning in the autumn, with colorful fall foliage of all the trees enhancing the classic architecture with every rich, burnished shade imaginable. 

Sleepy Hollow truly is a magical Halloween town: everywhere, you will see Halloween decor. On street corners, in front of restaurants and business, along the pathways in neighborhoods, just everywhere you look. This town really knows how to embrace and showcase the Halloween spirit, which culminates with the marvelous annual Halloween Parade. People come from around the world to watch and participate, and it never disappoints.

Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow should be on your Halloween bucket list. Trust us when we say that - we've been there and found it hard to leave!

Photo: Ellen Gee/2016

(It was freezing when we were there in 2016 - hence my being all bundled up!)

 Look for this in the Fall 2024 issue of the magazine, available in September 2024! 



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